Only console times are included, because PC players have an unfair advantage on certain tracks.


Downtown Central: 2:38.25 by Deathscythes

Airport Terminal: 2:17.21 by Brizzity

Construction Site: 2:54.55 by Brizzity

Ferry Wharf: 2:30.95 by Rusty

Port Bridge: 2:39.08 by Deathscythes

Airplane Graveyard: 2:38.10 by Rusty

Dry Docks: 2:54.09 by Brizzity

Expressway: 2:40.40 by Deathscythes

Power Plant: 2:55.27 by Deathscythes

Storm Drain: 2:29.26 by Rusty

Canyon: 3:14.44 by Deathscythes

Quarry* 3:02.80 by Brizzity

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