Elite Races are races that appear at the end of every season as a final race. With each season includes an Elite Race, only available if the player earns a certain amount or credits.


In each of the 12 Seasons, includes an Elite Race that requires the player to at least acquire a 3rd place position to advance into the next season. To unlock an Elite Race, the player is required to earn a certain amount of credits. The Elite Drivers' difficulty will increase as they progress within the game.

Seasons/Episodes Edit

  • Rigged To Blow - Construction Site - 150 Credits to Unlock.
  • Splashdown - Airport Terminal - 335 Credits to Unlock.
  • Big Rig Boom - Ferry Wharf - At least 600 to Unlock.
  • Sunset Fire - Dry Docks - At least 900 credits to Unlock.
  • Hit The Skids - Downtown Central - At least 1200 credits to Unlock.
  • Midway Pass - Dry Docks - At least 1500 credits to Unlock
  • Threshold Break - Expressway - At least 1800 credits to Unlock.
  • Cleaning Up - Power Plant - At least 2100 credits to Unlock.
  • Scorched Rubber - Airplane Graveyard - At least 2400 credits to Unlock.
  • Boneyard Rush - Storm Drain - At least 2700 credits to Unlock.
  • One Last Push - Canyon - At least 3000 credits to Unlock.
  • Out with a Bang - Downtown Central (3 Laps) - At least 3300 credits to Unlock.