Split Second Velocity - Airport Terminal - RYBACK CYCLONE RS

Split Second Velocity - Airport Terminal - RYBACK CYCLONE RS

Airport Terminal, in the gamemode Race.

Airport Terminal is a map introduced in the 1st Season.


Airport Terminal has a lot of open space to navigate and to provide control for the player. Activating the control tower route changer unlocks a fair deal of runway space to drift and draft. This map only has one jump, which is only accessable if you activate the route changer located at the race's beginning point.

This map is available to play for the gamemodes Race, Detonator, Elimination, Air Strike/Revenge, Onslaught, and Deadline. 

Power Plays & Route ChangersEdit

Airport Terminal has a multitude of Power Plays involving mechanical and enviromental explosions.

This map has 3 Route Changers and 1 Shortcut. 


  • The space needle from Downtown Central can be seen far off in the distance.
  • This map, along with Quarry, have the least connections to any other map.
  • This map's original design was vastly different than what it currently is. The original design had a route changer which led inside one of the terminals, and also featured a level 2 powerplay which blew up multiple sections of a building close to the beginning of the map's starting point.
  • The Cargo Plane' color scheme was different in the first trailer, before the game's inital release, sporting a dark blue body and a red stripe.
    Screenshot 2015-09-18-01-53-44-1

    The Cargo Plane's original scheme color before the game's release. The Ryback Mohawk can be seen on the bottom right.